Bookingbuddy Lets Your Be Your Own Travel Agent

Travel is a wonderful leisure activity. Be it the coast or mountains; the jungle or the desert, a new destination is only a trip away. It used to be that deciding on a destination, planning an itinerary, and organizing the minute details of a trip were more trouble than they were worth. Now, with, planning a trip is as easy as the click of a mouse.

What is is a website that allows anyone to plan a trip, as well as all of the specifics of their journey. Not only can people book a flight, hotel, or other service, they can rest assured knowing they are using a one-stop shop for all things related to their trip.

Book Flights Flawlessly allows users to book a flight to the destination of their dreams. Whether a person wants a domestic flight to meet a business client as a conference, or an international flight to go backpacking in Europe, is where they can book tickets with the safest, most reliable airlines. Multi-city flights are also available, and ensures search optimization that finds the cheapest, most convenient flight for users. With a best-price guarantee, no booking fees, and last-minute offers, the website is a favorite among both frequent-fliers, and those who are venturing out for the first time.

The Hottest Hotels

As the name implies, helps users book accommodations in some of the finest hotels nationally and internationally. There is even a flight and hotel combination deal to save consumers even more money on their trip. Offering hotel deals up to the last minute, as well as comparisons to the top-rated hotels at your destination, is a trusted resources for avid travelers. A hotel planner feature exclusive to allows consumers to book hotels and accommodations for large groups of people.

Great Options Galore

At, consumers can browse different options for car services, cruise holidays, and vacation package deals. By entering the destination of their choice, as well as the days of their trip, users can snag some great deals on vacation combinations and packages. Renting a car is easy when users can arrange the details on the same website they use to book hotels and flights. Even cruises are a cinch with, as consumers can select from various destinations, departure and arrival days and times, length of the cruise, and preferred cruise line.

Travel Tips and Hints

A nice aspect of is that there is myriad news and advice available right on the website. Clients rate their favorite trips that were planned by, as well as recommendations and suggestions to make traveling that much easier. The website is constantly being updated with the latest trends, technology, and news related to all things travel. Last-minute deals and steals are highlighted right there on the website, without consumers even needing to run a search of discounts and special travel offers. With, the ability to be your own travel agent is totally attainable and a breeze.